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Page updated: 31st August 2007
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[Legends of Star Wars]
[The Rebellion] Biggs Darklighter
The Rebellion
circa during the Battle of Yavin

Biggs Darklighter was a close friend of Luke Skywalker. The two of them spent most of their youth together, racing through Beggar's Canyon in T-16 Skyhoppers and socializing with the other local teenagers at Tosche Station. The two friends planned to attend the Imperial Academy together, and go into business together by buying their own ship after their service in the Imperial Starfleet ended.

[Biggs Darklighter]

This plan was not to be, as Luke's uncle, Owen Lars, kept him behind to help on his moisture farm while Biggs went off to the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy the same time as another mutual friend, Janek Sunber.
While at the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy, Biggs was taught by Soontir Fel along with Derek Klivian and Tycho Celchu. He gradually became disenchanted with the Empire. He began to meet secretly with men who shared their rebellious ideals.
After graduation, Darklighter and Klivian were assigned to the Rand Ecliptic.  In his new post he saw that expediency was

preferable to honesty, and that the deaths of innocents was an acceptable price to pay for covering one's mistakes. Shortly after, they made plans to jump ship in an outlying system and join the Alliance. During a brief furlough when Biggs returned to Tatooine, he revealed this plan to Luke.
Darklighter and Klivian were members of different rebel cells on the Rand Ecliptic. They mistakenly turned on each other and started a mutiny. Darklighter's group temporarily fled the ship in TIE fighters and Klivian's group combined with other rebels to take over the ship. Afterwards they would take Rand Ecliptic to the Massassi base on Yavin 4 and join the Rebellion.
(story: Darklighter)

After officially becoming part of the Rebel Alliance, Biggs participated in mission to steal X-wings from Incom. Later he went with a team to Commenor to escort a shipment of R2 astromechs carried by smuggler Captain Nera Dantels on her spaceship Starduster. Biggs became romantically involved with Dantels. (story: Rogue Squadron 1/2)

Shortly thereafter, Luke would also join the Alliance after rescuing Princess Leia Organa. The two old friends had a brief reunion on Yavin 4 shortly before the attack on the Death Star. Biggs told Red Squadron's leader, Garven Dreis, that Luke was the "best bush pilot in the Outer Rim territories," convincing him that the untrained young pilot would easily be able to fly a starfighter in the upcoming battle. He assured Luke just before they parted for their starfighters that it would "be like old times". During the final attack run on the Death Star, Biggs and Wedge Antilles flew as Luke's wingmen. Biggs was killed when Darth Vader fired upon him while he was flanking Luke down the Death Star trench. (story: A New Hope / Darklighter)

Stories featuring Biggs Darklighter (in chronological order):

by Paul Chadwick et al.
Comic Story

X-Wing Rogue Squadron 1/2
by Michael A. Stackpole et al.
Comic Story

A New Hope
by George Lucas
Book Story


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