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Page updated: 3rd October 2012
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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Short Story
First published online at StarWars.com

This story is available from:

[Unbound Worlds]

Christopher Cerasi
Lucas Online
Published as:
Short Story (2008, 2012)

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On a diplomatic mission to the Hapes Cluster, Princess Leia is sent to speak with the Hapan Queen Mother Ta'a Chume in an attempt to secure military aid in the New Republic's struggle with the Imperial Warlord Zsinj. Leia finds herself spending two months playing the constant diplomat at meetings, dinners and receptions as she tours the 63 inhabited planets of the Hapes Cluster. When she finally meets the Queen Mother, Leia finds her strangely non-committal on the question of aid to the New Republic as her reply is extremely enigmatic: the Hapans require something form Leia personally in exchange.
As her Star Destroyer makes its way back to New Republic space, Leia finds herself annoyed not only at the Queen Mother's non-answer, but even more frustrated towards her current situation: the destruction of the second Death Star and the deaths of both the Emperor and Vader have not brought about the peace that she (and so many others) had believed it would. The victory of the Galactic Civil War has only led to the beginning of another as the Imperial remnants fight to maintain their hold on an ever decreasing Empire. Leia's melancholic feelings finally erupt into floods of tears as she awaits a communication channel with Han.

This story occurs approximately 8 years after the Battle of Yavin, three months prior to the events of
The Courtship of Princess Leia.

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