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Page updated: 8th September 2007
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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Short Story
First published in
The DarkStryder Campaign:

[The DarkStryder Campaign]

The DarkStryder Campaign: The Saga Begins
Timothy Zahn
West End Games
Published as:
Short Story (1995)

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Lieutenant Page and his commandos begin an overthrow attempt on yet another Imperial warlord – this one being Moff Kentor Sarne of the Kathol sector. The commando unit attacks Sarne’s fortress on Kal’Shebbol, trying to lower the energy shield over it to allow a fleet attack. Meeting with their Special Ops contact Lilla Dade, they are led to the remains of an armoured tunnel leading into the compound. Dade reports that Sarne’s men were experimenting with something – something that could burn through thick metal, yet not touch anything two meters away. They also learn Sarne has a Carrack cruiser standing by to make his getaway – and the shield controls are right next to it. 
Page frees Sarne’s prisoners, including a Force-sensitive ex-employee of Sarne’s named Jessa Dajus. She warns him not to go any further – and it buys them time enough to discover the booby-trap meant to destroy the whole detention area. Page invites Jessa along. As they start towards Sarne’s escape route, Sarne uses a mysterious-looking module to send a fireball through the tunnel, eating through the metal walls! Then he uses another module to send a mindwarping ray through to knock out the commandos and makes good his escape.
Page wants to chase Sarne down, but the New Republic simply can not spare any ships. Page insists – Sarne has got his hands on some highly unconventional technology that could be a huge threat to the New Republic. He is finally told if he find a ship of his own, the New Republic will supply some crew. Jessa gives him the name of the technology – DarkStryder. Page has an idea on the ship – he would heard Sarne was modifying a Corellian Corvette for unknown reasons. Jessa knows where it is and provides the location. On their way there, Jessa runs into a Rodian ex-slaver named Gorak Khzam. She would love to run him in, but he hints – and rightly – that she may not be as “ex”-Imperial as she is led the New Republic to think. They continue on to the Corvette, and Page’s team looks it over. It is salvageable. Page hires commando members Keleman Ciro and Kaiya Adrimetrum as captain and first officer, respectively. Jessa and Calamarian doctor Akanseh (another ex-prisoner) joins the crew, as does a Defel named Kl’aal, ex-pilot Darren Thyte, a Twi’lek named Loh’khar the Finder, starfighter flight commander Ranna Gorjaye, mechanic Brophar Tofarain, chief mechanic Lofryyhn (a Wookiee friend of Kaiya’s), and Gorak (as security officer).
Twenty-eight hours later, the re-christened FarStar is ready to fly. As the New Republic task force leaves Kal’Shebbol, the FarStar sets off with a hundred crew to find Sarne, find out where this “DarkStryder” technology comes from, recon and report on Imperial forces in the Kathol Sector and the unknown space past the Kathol Rift, and represent the New Republic as best they can. With this a volatile a crew, that will take a miracle.

This story occurs approximately 7 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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