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Page updated: 1st August 2007
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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Short Story
First published in
Star Wars Adventure Journal #3:

[Star Wars Adventure Journal - issue 3]

Mission to Zila
Charlene Newcomb
West End Games
Published as:
Short Story (1994, 2004)

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Alex Winger finds herself strapped to an interrogation table aboard the Star Destroyer Judicator. Nearby, Captain Brandei shakes his head. "Your father does not know he raised a traitor to the Empire."
At which point she wakes up. A short time later, she meets her father at the Imperial headquarters of the tyrannical General Zakar. Dair Haslip is also there. She is taken to having a "relationship" with Dair as cover for their underground work. She then takes her father on a ride through the mountains in an airspeeder. They talk about the fall of Coruscant, and Zakar's attempts to beef up the military in the area. The Empire scares them off when they fly too near the mines, though. Meanwhile, Dair is stunned to learn that Zakar is planning to build an anti-orbital ion cannon at the mines - Zakar is anticipating a Rebel invasion. However, another Imperial mentions it may not be necessary - he is heard about a Grand Admiral that is reunifying the fleet. Elsewhere, Alex meets with a childhood friend (and resistance member), Shana Turi. Shana takes her out to the mountains, where they observe (from a great distance) an Imperial garrison being set up. Alex, staring at the mountain, suddenly has another vision - a dangerous climb down the mountainside, and a brown-haired man helping her. She shakes it off and brings holorecordings of the garrison to the resistance. They do have some time before the ion cannon is installed - the Empire needs a plasma drill first. They decide to blow up the parts before they can be assembled.
Alex is left behind at the resistance headquarters while the attack takes place. But with her growing power in the Force, she can watch the attack in her mind, as ex-Imperial turned freedom fighter Chanceller (or Chance, as he is known now) successfully leads the assault that blows up the would-be ion cannon.

This story occurs approximately 9 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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